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Wilder Artists Inc. is an organization created by artists committed to using their talents and resources to help students from underserved communities. We use various forms of creative art to motivate, educate and build confidence in children & young adults. Furthermore, we give students tools needed to develop healthy outlets for expression. Through music, drama, dance and other creative art forms, students are challenged to develop "out of the box" thinking. We aspire to give students the confidence & resources needed to be future leaders of the world. We also strive to expose them to invaluable social, educational and entertaining experiences outside of the classroom. In addition to a curriculum that merges arts & education with life skills; we provide students with meals and snacks, promoting 360 degrees of nourishment. We believe that it takes a village to ensure a child's success. Therefore, we take pride in collaborating with schools, programs & educational sites to cater to their individual needs. 

Our Mission


 Help students IDENTIFY their unique skills, strengths & talents.

MOTIVATE them to own and embrace their individual, creative thoughts.

Help students 
DEVELOP goals that will bring their dreams into fruition.

PROVIDE them with nourishment and resources that will keep them motivated and on track!

We  DO and TEACH!

Our teaching artists use their resources & networks

to connect students to opportunities

outside of the classroom.

Upon wrapping a co-star role on a television show, (Founder/CEO) Marketta P. Wilder spoke with the executive producer about allowing some of her students to shadow on set. He happily agreed and also said that he would hire any students who wanted to be in an episode! Two students were able to experience set life as PAID talent, for the first time! 

Wilder Artists invited a kids from our sites to an advanced, pre screening of JUMANJI hosted by Roc Nation!

We sponsor fun & educational Outings! 

* Museums
* Movie Screenings
* Theatre 
* Live Shows
* Concerts
* Tours
* Seminars
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