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A JAM SHOP for Youth!

CATCHIN' VIBEZ is a monthly "JamShop" that allows young artists an opportunity to workshop and showcase their talents. Our mission is to provide a safe, creative and fun space for youth to fearlessly explore & develop their talents. CATCHIN' VIBEZ was created because we want to give young artists the tools and networks needed to turn their passion into a profession. Wilder Artists Inc. understands the importance of practice, exposure and invaluable feedback.


During the "JamShop" young artists are given an opportunity to perform. A live band & DJ are present throughout the duration of the event to accompany performers and facilitate vibez. Following each performance, invited industry professionals ("Big Homies") provide them with guidance, suggestions, motivation and feedback. At the end of the JamShop, each performer has an opportunity to "Run it like a Pro." During this time, artists perform their set once again for friends and invited guests. Immediately following is a mix n' mingle with food, music and networking. 

Skills Developed

Building Confidence
Stage Presence 
Developing original material
Vocal technique 
Song Writing
Monologue/Scene work
Connecting with your audience
Acquiring Discipline
Marketing & Branding & Much more!


CATCHIN' VIBEZ is a monthly Jam Shop that's provided FREE of charge to all youth and attendees. Your monetary donation will help us continue to provide a fun and educational platform, where young artists can grow. Donations help facilitate the cost of :

* Lunch & Snacks

* Transportation for youth to and from CATCHIN' VIBEZ

* Scholarships for youth who wish to further their passion in the arts.

* Facility / Stage Space

* Equipment & Operational costs

Thank You!  

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