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Make a Monetary Contribution

Wilder Artists would like to thank you in advance for your monetary contribution! Your contributions help bring invaluable experiences & resources to students from underserved areas/communities.
With your help, we will continue to expose students to fun and educational experiences which  include:
Catchin' Vibes: The Monthly Jam Shop
Movie Screenings  
Annual Toy Drive
Educational Field Trips 
Recording Studio/Facility Costs
Master Classes / Workshops
Contributions also help secure supplies, meals & snacks for students at our adopted sites. 
Wilder Artists also provide assistance to students who face financial hardship. Your contribution will also provide scholarships to students who exemplify academic excellence. 
We appreciate every donation, no matter the size! Every contribution helps further our efforts to positively impact the lives of youth. 

Become a Sponsor


We believe kids perform best when all areas

 of their lives are nourished. 

Research shows that children
who don't fuel their bodies &
brains with nutritious foods cannot focus and perform as well on school 
work. The Baylor College of Medicine
reports that a healthy meal results in 
improved attention, quick recall, less
errors and better concentration. 

And let's just be love snacks!

We end every session with meals & snacks. We are always seeking new sponsors & brands willing to donate nutritious meals and snacks to our sites!


Thanks for submitting!

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