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 Interested in Wilder Artists Inc.

working with your site?

We are a group of working, professional, teaching artists committed to using our talents and resources to better the lives of children & young adults. We are seeking to partner with various schools, educational sites, after school programs and programs geared toward the well being of children.  If you would like more information on establishing our program at your site, please don't hesitate to contact us! 

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Join the Teaching 

Artist Tribe!


We are always recruiting artists who would like to donate their time, working with students at our various sites. We are a tribe of professional, working  artists, so we understand the flexibility that is needed to continue pursing our careers. We believe our students will only be as great as their teachers! Therefore, we offer various options for our teaching artists which include:


For artists who desire to establish an on going commitment and relationship with students: 


You will be assigned a site for the semester, or consistent period of time. Throughout this time, you will navigate students through a curriculum designed to identify their individual talents, help develop long term goals, and begin to bring their dreams into fruition. 

If you're interested in being a Teaching Artist or Mighty Mentor, contact us below! 

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For artists who want to help, but aren't able to make an on going commitment to a site: 


You will serve as a mighty mentor to students at our sites. Based on availability, you will conduct a 1-1.5 hr long motivational workshop. During this time mentors will use their artistic expertise to motivate and inspire students to identify and cultivate their individual talents. Students will be encouraged to step outside of the box, build communication skills and given unique tools to enhance their presentational skills. 

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