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Marketta P. Wilder
Founder & CEO 

Actress, singer & writer Marketta P. Wilder is the CEO and founder of Wilder Artists Inc. After graduating from Illinois State University with her Bachelors in Theatre and Mass Communication, she began her career as a professional, union actress & singer. During this time, she was presented with an opportunity to work for the City of Chicago’s Sprout program as a teaching artist. Traveling throughout the City of Chicago and surrounding areas, Marketta balanced her success as an actress with her love for mentoring and teaching children. It was through this opportunity she developed a curriculum that would use creative art as a vehicle to motivate, inspire and build communication skills in young adults. Her workshops and classes were a huge success. After moving to Los Angeles to continue her acting career, she wanted to to use her resources as an artist to help children in need. It was then she founded Wilder Artists Inc. Marketta sets out to defy the saying, “Those who can’t do, teach.” While still actively working in the television and film industry, Marketta fully commits to the title “Teaching Artists.” It is her desire to use art to enhance the lives and confidence of children and young adults. 

Team work makes the dream work!

Meet the people who help make it all possible.
York Allen Walker
York Walker
Board Chair / Teaching Artist

Rachel Cook

Site / Program Coordinator

Jasondra Johnson

Mediation Specialist /Teaching Artist

Reesha L. Archibald

Talent Coordinator / Teaching Artist

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